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Global Conference on Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine | September 29, 30 - October 01, 2022 | Online

About the GCPR 2022

We’re hyped to bring the GCPR 2022Global Conference on Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine” from September 29, 30 - October 01, 2022, Online

The pulmonology conference spotlights the latest research and innovations in pulmonology and respiratory medicine with the theme “Innovative Study and Therapeutic Strategies in Respiratory care” on its vibrant platform while promoting intensive networking, exchange of ideas, and insights between forward-thinking individuals and companies from around the world.

GCPR 2022 will explore advanced topics on pulmonary and critical care medicine, COPD, Coronavirus (COVID-19), Lung Transplant, new and old respiratory infections, Pneumonia, respiratory diseases, epidemiology, treatments, and recent innovative technologies. For a complete list of topics Click Here.

With Pulmonology Conference, we hope to spark a change in this vital industry whose primary goal is to support the global population to live better, safer, and healthier lives.

Don't miss the chance to present your innovative research at this year's pulmonology conference 2022 at Online. 

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