Scientific Committee

Plant Science and Agricultural Research Conference | March 24-26, 2022 | Rome, Italy

Genlou Sun

Saint Mary's University, Canada


B.Sc. – Anhui Laodong University, China
M. Sc. – Sichuan Agricultural University, China
Ph. D. – Sichuan Agricultural University, China
Postdoc – University of Haifa, Israel
Postdoc – The Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Sweden
Postdoc – University of Guelph, Canada
Professor, Department of Biology, Saint Mary's University

He has a diversity of research interests, and his research areas include fundamental studies plus those of an applied nature such as plant genetics, cytogenetics, systematics, molecular genetics, population genetics, and biotechnology. The research in his laboratory focuses on molecular phylogeny and biodiversity of Triticeae species. The long-term objectives of this research program are to understand the phylogeny, origin and diversity of Triticeae species, and use the phylogeny as a basis to understand the rate and pattern of molecular and morphological evolution, as well as their relationships.