2nd Plant Science and Agricultural Research Conference | September 22-24, 2022 | Online

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Oral Presentation

Title : Understanding the Drought Mediated Regulon of miRNA Biogenesis Machinery in Oryza sativa

Tonu Angaila Chithung
University of Delhi, India

Oral Presentation

Title : Natural compounds from Pistacia lentiscus for human health and food

Djebbar Atmani
University of Bejaia, Algeria

Oral Presentation

Title : Mainstreaming Organic Research: Kenya’s New Organic Science Cluster

Edward Meni
Organic Agriculture Centre, Kenya

Oral Presentation

Title : Root trait variability and adaptation to abiotic stress

Yinglong Chen
University of Western Australia, Australia

Oral Presentation

Title : Options to enhance food production and quality

Beant S Ahloowalia
International Atomic Energy Agency, Austria