2nd World Health Care & Nursing Conference | September 19 - 21, 2022 | Online

Kelly Amuli

Born in Belgium Professionals, Belgium


Background: The pregnant population in Belgium often faces psychosocial vulnerabilities and may be prone to negative health consequences. Following this problem, the Belgium National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (NIHDI), i.e. the federal social health security in Belgium, aims to improve accessibility to the healthcare system for pregnant women who are psychosocially vulnerable in Belgium.

Aim(s): The primary objective of ‘Born In Belgium Professionals’ (1) is therefore to support caregivers and their existing care-offer by improved shared communication resources, reinforcing herewith the bilingual Belgium (perinatal) network on different care levels (0,5-2ND line). Offering psychosocial care to pregnant women should start with a prenatal psychosocial screening; the corresponding psychosocial care as well as its follow-up.

Methods: A digital decision support system for caregivers, that consists of a psychosocial detection tool to which adapted care paths and the Belgian care network are associated, has been developed. The content was initially developed in co-creation with perinatal care workers in Brussels incorporating the latest evidence and best practices. Furthermore, the digitalisation was done by Leapstation and supervised by the former E-Health advisor of the Ministry of Public Health.

Results: Perinatal care professionals active in the 0,5th, 1th and 2nd line of over 80 organizations in the Brussels Capital Region took part in the content development of the Born in Brussels Tool, now called the Born in Belgium Professionals tool. The digital platform is build using FHIR (LH7) standards offering a flexible interoperability in the different electronic platforms and systems. Databases of Social Brussels (i.e. a database containing different social organizations and more), the NIHDI (i.e. the federal database in which medical providers can be found) and others are linked with the tool ensuring the latest information.

Discussion: The Born in Belgium Professionals tool is the first digital support system that is offered to health care providers active in different settings. The platform enables accessibility to the same electronic file for all care providers in a woman’s care team. The tool has a holistic approach, focusses on 13 indicators of psychosocial wellbeing that were based from the literature research (2) and proposes adapted care paths.

Implications and future perspectives: The implementation has started in Belgium. Implementation agents support and evaluate the implementation process of this new practice within the different organizations on all levels of care in Belgium. Results from the evaluation will offer an overview of antenatal psychosocial vulnerabilities in Belgium as well as the improvements needed for the Born in Belgium Pro Tool. Implementing the shared digital tool, Born in Belgium Professionals, focused on antenatal psychosocial vulnerabilities is an opportunity for caregivers as well as other countries aiming at improving their care for pregnant women facing psychosocial vulnerabilities.


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