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Global Conference on Food Science and Nutrition | September 22-24, 2022 | Online

Ramona D Amico

University of Messina, Italy


Dr. Ramona D’Amico has completed her PhD in Applied Biology and Experimental Medicine in the year 2020 by University of Messina. Additionally, she worked at Health Science Research Centre, Whiteland College, University of Roehampton in London (UK) and performed postdoctoral studies at University of Messina. She worked as researcher for studies on preclinical pharmacology activities (in vitro primary cultures and in vivo experimental models), for the Epitech Group; she is also a research fellow in Biochemistry at Messina University. Now she is a Researcher at the University of Messina. She has published more than 79 articles in reputed journals about biochemistry, oxidative stress and pharmacology. Her research is involved in preclinical studies for the discovery of new biochemical markers.