International Webinar on Catalysis and Chemical Science | October 03-05,2022 | Online

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Keynote Lecture

Title: Designing Materials for Nanocatalysis

Tokeer Ahmad
Jamia Millia Islamia, India

Keynote Lecture

Title: The electrocatalytic properties of Recombinant Enzyme from Corn, to Detect Glucose

Anahita Izadyar
Arkansas State University_USA

Keynote Lecture

Title: Importance of Ex equipment for hazardous area

Bhagirath Ahirwal
CSIR- Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research, India

Oral Presentation

Title : Room temperature synthesis of Cu-BTC based mof and coordination polymer

Shiraz Ahmed Siddiqui
Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Oral Presentation

Title : PDMSUr-PWA films: A Mini-review

Orlando Armando Elguera Ysnaga
Sao Carlos-SP, Brazil