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International Webinar on Catalysis and Chemical Science | October 03-05,2022 | Online

About ICCS 2022

ICCS 2022 precisely hoped that 2022 would bring our normal routines and the world is moving the path to recovery, as vaccination programs are rolled out. The Iris Scientific Group decided to hold the “International Webinar on Catalysis and Chemical Science (ICCS 2022)” on October 03-05, 2022 from 12:00 to 19:00 (GMT) at Online. ICCS 2022 main aim is to gather and have valuable discussions in the field of catalysis and chemical science. These new innovations and presentations will help to establish a basic knowledge for all the participants.

The theme of the ICCS 2022 is Advanced Research and Techniques on Catalysis and Chemical Science’’ provides the unparalleled opportunity to explore the techniques on Catalysis. Our program includes Plenary lectures, Keynote presentations, Oral presentations, Poster presentations, Workshops, Symposia, and Panel discussions. 

Catalysis Virtual Summit 2022 creates an international forum for Professors, Academics, Researchers, Scientists, Chemical Engineering professionals, Industrialists, and Business Entrepreneurs from all over the world to discuss the latest issues related to Catalysis and Chemical Science. ICCS 2022 provides the right stage to present the recent research on catalysis leading to Inorganic Molecules, Molecular Catalysis, Heterogeneous Applications, Green Chemistry, Organometallic Catalysis, and the use of Catalysts for Chemical engineering.

Hope you will take this opportunity to join us.